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The National Football League's National Football economic, hereinafter referred to as the NFL. Is a huge football league in the United States. There're a total of 32 teams alliance, is divided into two federation: American football association and the national rugby union. Each federation has 16 teams, and divided into four area: east, south, west and north. Each area has 4 teams.

A simple introduction, From the perspective of suitable for different people, The fans version of the shirt is divided into an adult ( Adult The Jersey ) , The child version ( youth The Jersey ) , Female version ( "Women Jersey ). An adult is one of the most common, is a standard configuration. Suit wholesale nfl jerseys from youth version of the jersey size 8 To the age of 10 A few years old The number clothes, wear, The NFL The logo The label is relatively small. Infants version and simplifies the shirt no adult so careful. Female version of the jersey With a feminine figure, such as waist clipping. There is no detail.

Wang was born in the United States, my mother is in the 70 s had the Olympics represent China to participate in the hurdles star, father is a provincial high jump athletes, in small time wang's father has been to let him keep practicing basketball, 15 years old when his father took him to go back to China, at bayi TiGong trial battalion, at that time wang impress bayi youth team coach, and invited him to join the bayi team, wang's father also hoped one day to cultivate his son into the NBA, but a physical examination has changed the fate of wang, when in bayi youth team every once in a while for small players are examined, at the time of wang check bone age his height prediction is less than 2.05 meters, father is worried about the height of the athletes in the United States too much is bad for his son's future development, decisively let son give up practicing basketball for many years, switch to American football.

After several years of practice, wang has become a good football player, he is not only a school team main force, obtains the title of the best players at the university of Virginia, this award is in the school of each project with athletes, is the highest honor in sports of the school. Although after comeback after suffering a knee injury, while 08 to coach surprise, his status, not the rose, is much more powerful than the original more flexible, coach on the tactical arrangements for him to make a lot of change. He also became the largest in the NCAA tight end.

This year have been wang's final year at school, his outstanding performance in the NCAA has also been a lot of teams, and he has a lot of hope to participate in the April of this year's draft, scout on his evaluation of compliments, especially in recognition of his potential, and he is in the United States with cheap nfl jerseys wholesale the location of the players in the top 10, the end of February to early march wang will also attend a rookie training camp in Indianapolis, accept the assessment team coaches, managers and scouts, once he did well, then wang will most likely become China's first man in the NFL draft.

Young man, a genuine Qingdao are the NFL into their own "yao". He can in American football, the americans to make their own "private plots" of life, the young man get entirely their own strength. Ding Long now studying in the United States near Boston a dean college, the school is equivalent to the nature of a pre-university is very famous in the United States. Reason is here referred to as the "cradle of football star", a lot of the NFL star is from here to enter the American university, and then through the draft began his career. Ding Long is here, on the one hand, he has a very high sports talents, on the other hand, this also is the NFL hope he can according to the American way of selection, eventually entering the NFL football.

As the first Chinese player, took part in football match Ding Long also caught the attention of the American media, the famous "New York times had written about the Chinese young players in the NFL. Grew up in the seaside Ding Long now height 1.84 meters, weight 100 kilograms, although the body lay cheap NFL jerseys particular stress on, Dante hundred metres of the dragon has four 11 seconds, up to the national secondary athletes standards. As a Chinese boy, Ding Long has a very much a plate and basic quality of football, this is also attract one of the reasons for the NFL. Ding Long on the football team as a "hand" to play football, this is the position of a special score in the game, starting as a kicker, whether Ding Long in the American high school league, or American college students in the league, Ding Long is the absolute main force, his scoring ability has been fully trust his teammates and coaches. Ding Long in the game's biggest range from 50 yards (45.7 meters) above, and are often able to hit many NFL player at this distance on the percentage is less than 50%, as early as in the high school league, there are a lot of games are against the Ding Long this shot stunt lock the victory.